Don’t be a Square…
…think out of the box with one the fastest growing mobile pay device on the market!

AFS has a cost effective and user friendly device that can provide merchants with on-the-go credit card processing.

  • Monthly mobile processing rates as low as 2.00%!
  • Over 100 different makes and models of smart phones and tablets currently supported
  • Execute cash and card transactions, voids, refunds, sales tax and tips.
  • Previous purchase recognition and personalized receipts with product image and descriptions.
  • User-configurable inventory control and customization including item images, SKU and more.
  • Native device support for all of the leading smartphones and tablets.
  • Advanced integration capabilities allowing you to connect with your existing backend system.
  • Localization services with multiple language options and currency types enable you to meet the unique needs of merchants worldwide!
  • Online and offline processing capabilities to protect against lost wireless connectivity.
  • FREE 24/7 Service and Support!